LED Advantages - it's more than just energy savings!

Advantages of LED

Saving energy is only the beginning.

Understanding color and mood

Picking the right color temperature

LED Advantages

  • Why LEDs are the best for your lighting requirements

    • Long life - LEDs last up to 50,000 hours (vs. 1000 hrs for incandescent)

    • Lower maintenance/replacement costs

    • Energy efficient - LEDs use up to 50‐90% less energy

    • Directed light offers better system efficiency

    • High reliability, safety & durability

    • LEDs are solid state devices, no moving parts, no glass and no filaments

    • No heat or UV in light beam

    • Environmentally friendly - LEDs contain no mercury

    • Longer lifetime creates less environmental waste

    • Size and digital nature offers new possibilities, never before accomplished

    • Dynamic color control

    • Instant re‐strike

    • Fully dimmable